Everyday we make an effort to improve and evolve; the possibility to get in our API REST is available for all our users completely free. The documentation in different languages will allow user a bigger variety of applications and additional functionalities.




This functionality is based on the generation of reusable link for making payments. Links can be used from any type of Internet connected terminal. It is recommended to add it in “Favourites” in your mobile device for an easier access.


They are created for recursive payments which duplicate amount and foreign currencies, only changing occasionally the additional fields associated to the user who make the payment. Buttons are defined inside the “Panel Configuration” where they are part of any web or app and run whenever.


Cripto-Pay developers work every day in new integration gateways with different platforms for increasing its ability with just a click.

  • Ask for a permission code for using the API in the own platform, with appropriate privilegies adapted to our needs (“Generator” normally).
  • Install the necessary module in each case, which are developed for main platforms, but other versions are created weekly for other CMS: Prestashop, Magento, Woocomerce (WordPress), etc.
  • Configure the module through the platform introducing the data generated for the Internet connection.
  • Payments made through the platform with bitcoin will be informed by email.


The most demanding apps and most advanced developments  need a specific interconnection functionalities and increased security..

  • SECURITY: In addition to the user´s roles, the simple connection to the server is done through a socket with TLS RSA security of 2084 bits. For more cautious, they are provided with an additional access through a private and secured VPN with dual-key certificates .


Our client´s integration on other platforms is possible thanks to the API OAUTH, which facilitates that a Cripto-Pay client can use their own data eithin management and control applications. All this at any time without having to give users or passwords to third apps which have access only while we are connected.