• Cost savings: cryptocurrencies networks are maintained by the community through voluntary donations, each user chooses how much want to give, so the commissions payable to financial institutions for the sake of keeping your FIAT money disappear.


  • Privacy: to make a transfer to another user only the sender will know who you are, because two different directions (one receiving and one sending) are created. It can only be seen if it is made public by the emitter itself.


  • Possession of your money: the cryptocurrencies are stored on your computer without relying on anyone, so your money will not be affected by the bankruptcy of a bank, for example.


Crypto-Pay offers the service of buying/selling cryptocurrencies (BitCoin, DogeCoin, SpainCoin… etc) directly through the different Exchanges, calculating the best price for his customers between those that are available. There is also the possibility of immediate payment by credit card and payment integration.

The cryptocurrencies or digital currency, are ‘digital coins’ based on mathematical encryption algorithms and verified by the network which uses them. They operate in a decentralized and anonymous way.

  • They are cryptographically secured by a pair of asymmetric keys (public and private).
  • They are guaranteed by the whole network; to a larger network, it offers more guarantees that the network itself.
  • Its value is set by an unregulated market based on the price that users are willing to pay.
  • The transactions are irreversible and not duplicated.

A cryptocurrency network works as a business accounting book, which is public to anyone who wants to consult it. Everyone can write in it and each point in the book is a transfer between two directions. Each page corresponds to a block and once it is written (with the consent and approval of all users), they are fixed and immovable.

The best known is the BitCoin but there are other different as LiteCoin, DogeCoin or SpainCoin and Cripto-Pay increases every day the number of cryptocurrencies available.


  • Kraken
  • LocalBitcoins
  • Bitcoin.de
  • Bitonic
  • Bitcoin Central
  • itBit
  • Cryptonit
  • Vircurex
  • CleverCoin


  • …etc.