Our system is adapted to the real needs of each customers and offers a Taylor made solution to every one. An adaptative and integrated graphical interface will offer an enjoyable user experience.

 If you have a custom application, we can integrate our platform in your systems through an automatic system. We work with open source code so it can be adapted in a simple way into your system.

Cripto-Pay offers different integration possibilities based on the needs of their users:

FAST PAYMENT FAST BUTTONS (generating payments with just one click)

This is the simplest integration form, user with the proper privileges can order a new payment by providing just a few details.



Sometimes prices are fixed and do not change in some time, in these case you can order the payment automatically with a button which takes the user to the payment page directly.



Current Online stores and CMS allow code development under standards, helping the integration of new types of payment by installing the appropriate module or plugin.


You can customize your applications or integrations thanks to a REST API which, under development standards, processes the requests that the needs of the custome. Connections are made directly from the application source code, through our servers and under different security standars.


Set of features which helps user integration with other applications.